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Bolebruh Elena Vladimirovna cosmetician, plastic surgeon

Work experience in the field of cosmetology – more than 15 years, plastic surgery – more than 5 years. The regular participant of the Russian and international aesthetic forums. The strong side – the work at the interface of two specialities, cosmetology and surgery, which helps to select the optimal program for each patient. Performs blepharoplasty, lipofilling and the wide range of different cosmetological procedures.

Lobov Konstantin Nikolaevich plastic surgeon

Work experience in the field of surgery – more than 20 years. He has a great plastic operations experience. Familiar with the main methods of blepharoplasty, performs lipofilling of different body areas.

Clinic plastic surgery

The network of the cosmetology salons “Nice” has existed in the market of the beauty industry in Ivanovo city for more than 15 years. Throughout this time the experts of the clinic have gathered the great work experience. We are selecting the most effective programs for each patient in our centres, taking into account his/her individual features. The work at the interface of two directions – plastic surgery and cosmetology – helps us a lot. Therefore, you can be sure that the complex of minimally invasive procedures with the maximum result will be selected for you.

We suggest the comfortable accommodation in the flat located near our centre for the guests from other countries. If it is necessary, the twenty-four-hour regular prophylactic and medical attendance is also possible.

You can get the wide range of cosmetology service and rehabilitation programs in our centre. Additionally, you can also get the high-quality procedure of the highly-qualified doctors.

mammoplasty mammoplasty
blepharoplasty blepharoplasty
otoplasty otoplasty
rhinoplasty rhinoplasty

prices for services

  • Consultation of plastic surgeon15 € / 18 $
  • Upper blepharoplasty375 € / 446 $
  • Lower blepharoplasty524 € / 624 $
  • Liposuction of the lower third of the face450 € / 535 $
  • Face liposuction450 € / 535 $
  • Body liposuction750 € / 890 $
  • Lipofilling524 € / 624 $
  • (Sampling of own fatty tissue and its transplantation into the necessary area)
  • Surgical correction of the nose:
  • Narrowing of the tip of the nose524 € / 624 $
  • Lifting the tip of the nose524 € / 624 $
  • Correction of auricles:
  • One ear sink300 € / 357 $
  • Two ears600 € / 713 $
  • Correction of scars (1cm.)38 € / 45 $
  • Mastopexy (cosmetic breast lift)750 € / 890 $
  • Removal of tumors450 € / 535 $
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Minimally invasive surgery Plastic surgery is carried out in one day, does not require long rehabilitation

High level Operations are carried out by highly qualified plastic surgeons with an impeccable reputation

Medical service Quests of the Russian Federation, we offer comfortable apartments with individual round the clock medical service

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There are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a specialist